Creative Direction


In my “nutshell” I’ve been responsible for all creative operations for various groups of accounts, including staff supervision and work production. I’ve directed the activities of teammates to not just maintain but maximize company standards for creative excellence, timeliness, and profitability, while never forgetting that achieving the clients’ goals is what “puts food on the table.” Experienced at resolving functional conflicts through mediation and consultation with regional department heads and upper management. I’m an experienced presenter, a senior-level client contact, and a creative juggernaut. Most of all I enjoy mentoring and helping out where ever I can.

Creative Direction & Brand Management – Freedom Laser Therapy

Corporate Image Development
Elements designed: uniforms, equipment, standees, poster, corporate color and branding.
Freedom Laser - Exterior Design
Corporate image and exterior signage design.
Freedom Laser Interactive Mall Kiosk
Promotional mall kiosk with interactive video monitor. Kiosk to contain printed material, running video loop and access to Freedom website.
Freedom Laser Window Display Design
"Say No to Smoking & Yes to Freedom" street level window display.


Freedom Customer Magnet Board

Freedom Magnet Board

The Freedom magnet board was developed to show clients they weren’t alone in their commitment to succeed. Each client placed a custom made “puzzle-shaped” magnet on the board, interlocked to previous clients magnets, after reading the commitment statement on the magnet and signing there first name.

Brand Development
Items developed included: B2B print and digital media, B2C print and digital media, initial character illustration for animation, Flash animation, vehicle wraps, package design, trade-show displays and materials, internal operational documents, websites and additional corporate branded materials.


Creative Direction & Brand Development – GBK Productions

Worked with GBK’s CEO Gavin Keilly to develop initial brand, and brand specifications (brand variation, color schemes, and corporate fonts). Other projects included company stationary; B2B print and digital pieces;  B2C print and digital pieces including email campaigns, landing pages, web banners, event print materials and signage and video production (see samples to left). Digital and print pieces were developed for use at gift suites for the EMMYs, Oscars, MTV Music Awards, BET Awards, Sundance Film Festival, celebrity weddings and various other events. A sample email campaign blast can be found in the “Web” section of this site.

GBK B2B Print & Digital Materials
GBK Logo Design
GBK Brand Development

Design for GBK event clients

GBK events draw many new brands eager to interact with celebrities. California Body Glow Tanning’s (BGT) new logo and look was unveiled at a rooftop GBK event. I developed the new brand image, signage and print materials for BGT seen here. Logo and some location materials show here with Tim Daly, Neill Skylar, Zackary Levi, and Paula Abdul.



Art Direction, Brand Development, Corporate Materials, Photography, Photoshop, Print Design, Video


Freedom Laser Therapy; GBK Productions